At Alan Jackson Electrical we are committed to protecting the home and the families that dwell within the home.

Since the 4th September 2010 the homes in Christchurch have been subject to stresses that they were not designed for. This stress, combined with older homes which, when built, did not have to cater for the computers, printers, TV’s, gaming consoles, DVD players, stereos, home theatre systems, kitchen appliances that are stored in the appliance garage, dishwashers, clothes dryers, cell phone chargers and the list grows. All these additional items add pressure and stress to an already stretched electrical system.

When you look around your home how many multi boxes have you got connected to one power socket?

Contact us today to have Alan assess your needs to see if you need an upgrade so there is a greater capacity without overloading the system, which could potentially cause an electrical malfunction in the house or even worse a fire.

Our aim is to give you peace of mind that your home’s electrical system can meet all the current demands for you and your family in today’s modern electronically-driven society.