New Homes

When you are building a new home you have one chance to install all the hidden wiring before the gib goes on, walls are plastered and painted to become the home of your dreams.

Alan Jackson Electrical works alongside many of Christchurch’s established building firms, providing the services of an experienced electrician with over two decades of experience in designing and installing wiring solutions, while supporting the home owner in the building of their new homes from an electrical perspective.  In that time Alan Jackson Electrical has witnessed many changes in the electrical demands and requirements for new homes, and believing in future proofing where possible as once the walls are plastered and painted, it is a very costly exercise to go back.  The number of appliances and gadgets that require electricity to run them within the home has increased 10 fold in one generation.

In new builds  Alan Jackson Electrical provides services for the following

  • Lighting sensors – indoor or outdoor
  • Data cabling
  • Phone extensions
  • Underfloor heating
  • Pools, swimming or spa
  • Efficient home heating
  • Electrical switch boards
  • Solar heating panels
  • Security systems
  • Power points
  • Hot water cylinders
  • Garage door openers
  • Fuse box installation
  • TV Aerial
  • Circuit breakers
  • Home entertainment systems

The list is extensive and your needs as the home owner will be met by Alan Jackson Electrical.

When you are building a new home there is a lot to consider, so being able to discuss your electrical requirements with a Master Electrician is one way to ensure your requirements are met in not just only in the now and present but also taking into consideration your future requirements.

When you build your new home you need to consider how to be green electrically, balancing your needs, with the cost and supply of electricity to you from the main grid